Ministry Matters
by Justin S. Marshall!

My prayer is that this book helps to provide infrastructure for ministries and will allow them to flourish for this new age of believers. My hope is that this provides a perspective of "servant-leadership" that helps you become more effective in your role, promotes young people seeking to serve God, and helps you to draw more people into Christ!

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Pastor Justin S. Marshall

Parish Pastor at Christ Cathedral Church of the Triad, Greensboro, NC.

Pastor Justin Spencer Marshall was born the second son of Bishop Freddie Marshall and Lady Sheri Bratcher on October 29th, 1991. He is a native of the triad area, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He received his education through the Forsyth County School System. Elder Marshall was raised in a Christian home with a Pentecostal upbringing. Being a faithful member of his home church, Christ Cathedral Church of Deliverance, he has been taught the importance of serving the local church and being a faithful follower of leadership and committed disciple of Jesus Christ.

As he serves as the Executive Assistant Pastor of his home, his ministry gifts include, leadership training and development for auxiliary leaders and Para church leaders. He is married to the beautiful Alicia Mone't Marshall and they have one son, Ethan Spencer Marshall, with his wife they believe in the holistic perspective of growth that includes God, Family, and Ministry!

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Servant Leader Assembly 2021 “A Local Church Focus”

I believe there remains a remnant of us who are fully aware that our assignment in the kingdom is to simply uphold and assist the vision where we are “planted”. This assembly and these empowerment sessions are designed to assist you in creating a “culture of collaboration” within your local churches that will help to birth servant-leaders who not only possess a willingness to serve but also will acquire the tools and strategies to serve with an excellent spirit!

Register Today! Date: April 24, 2021